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Teaching AP Computer Science Lessons with Brainfuck and Java

Recently, I had to make a project where people learn concepts from AP Computer Science by doing--meaning I had to create a sort of template project in Java that could be filled in by someone else to learn past concepts as a review. As brainfuck is already something I'm familiar, I thought there could be nothing better than to write another interpreter, albeit a slightly faster one.

[programming, assembly, esolangs]

Creating a simple brainfuck interpreter in x64 Assembly

This is my first endeavor into programming in Assembly so of course I decided to go with a classic project by creating and interpreter for the most well-known of the esoteric languages. Since I have never used Assembly in the past, I made a lot of decisions that may not have been the best but it's functional and at the end of the day that's really all that matters.

[linux, macos, terminal]

Improve the way your terminal looks and feels

This is a simple tutorial on how to improve the look and feel of your terminal with these three things:

[linux, macos, server, file-sharing]

Configuring Samba to work better on Mac

So you’ve gone ahead and built yourself a Linux NAS, but your house is filled good ol’ Macs and you don’t find it ideal to have to manually connect to your server every time you want to access it. Well fret not, because Avahi and fruit are here to save the day! These tools will help you access your server as if you were accessing something like your desktop or downloads folder and will allow to you to customize you server’s appearance, even convincing your Mac that your server is a Mac Pro or an Xserve.