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Hey there! I'm Abheek, a self-proclaimed developer and astrophysicist.

I am currently intent on learning everything there is to learn about many interesting technology-related topics. These include, but are not limited to: programming languages such as Go, C++, and TypeScript; the workings of OSes on a software level as well as the hardware counterpart; and finally the inner workings of different software, games, and other media and reverse engineering them. In addition, I run a YouTube channel where I post tech videos. I hope this website will serve as a hub for my many different endeavors and will allow others to follow along or learn something.

I am also delving into the world of astrophysics. I enjoy learning about the universe from a theoretical standpoint as well as a philosophical one, both learning what makes it up and why I'm here to learn that. The universe is particularly fascinating, as Carl Sagan once put it, because we are not just observing it but rather a part of it. I hope to pursue astrophysics in the future by utilizing computational methods to learn more about the history of the cosmos, how it developed, and where it may lead us.

Latest articles:

[programming, java, esolangs]

Teaching AP Computer Science Lessons with Brainfuck and Java

Recently, I had to make a project where people learn concepts from AP Computer Science by doing--meaning I had to create a sort of template project in Java that could be filled in by someone else t...

[programming, assembly, esolangs]

Creating a simple brainfuck interpreter in x64 Assembly

This is my first endeavor into programming in Assembly so of course I decided to go with a classic project by creating and interpreter for the most well-known of the esoteric languages. Since I hav...

[linux, macos, terminal]

Improve the way your terminal looks and feels

This is a simple tutorial on how to improve the look and feel of your terminal with these three things:


Open-source Discord bot that aims to aid up-and-coming Scibowlers with randomly generated (non-st...

Wwise Audio Tools

A collection of tools to manipulate Wwise's elusive WEM file format and its accomplices

Raycasting Engine

Work-in-progress raycasting engine for an AP Computer Science individual project